Prepaid Cards FORSALE!!! Cheap Reloads!!

I am selling Prepaid Cards with loaded balances + Reloads

I possess high quantities of Prepaid Cards (Vanilla/Greendot Money Pak & more) and my team and I did the honors of loading them with cash! These cards looks and works just like Credit Cards. When your balance gets low, you may purchase reloads from me! That simple!

Still wondering where can you use the Prepaid cards? Every! WORLDWIDE!!! We've tested all the cards and we are certain that they are all working before and after we load money to them.

Each Prepaid card comes with a 4 digit pin, Yes, Yes, Yes! You can use the Prepaid cards in ATM.

We Loaded each Prepaid card with balances from $1,000 - $5,000 (We do not recommend ever loading more than $5,000 at a time to a Prepaid card.

I will ship worldwide!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please do not ask me to send you sample; I am a very reputable seller and I have no time to babysit!


///Prepaid Cards with Balances////
1 card loaded with $1,200 = $200
1 card loaded with $2,500 = $280
1 card loaded with $5,000 = $400

Buy 3+ cards and get a 20% discount today!

To reload all prepaid card we charge a 10% fee. So if you need $1,000 the reload fee is $100 etc.


Please read our FAQ before contacting me....
Frequently Asked Questions

CONTACT: (24 hours, 7 days a week)
You may contact us about your inquires. We'll be in touch at our earliest convenience.




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