Prepaid Cards FORSALE!!! Cheap Reloads!!



  • Do You advise me to do it friend?

  • When you place that first order and get all excited and nervous #NooButterflies awaiting confirmation :)

  • going on my second reload now this will definitely give me a car to drive to work

  • Ive been using my prepaid card for past 2 days. Great investment

  • Looking to deal with you guys soon.

  • Is this even safe? or is it better to go with a cc with pin?

  • @thequeenofcards Thank you for the approval. Looking forward to my first order!

  • This looks interesting, I may make a purchase after I look into it more

  • Hi.can you load a prepaid card in Kenya

  • All hail The Queen!

  • Is there a Happy Thursday today?

  • this is my 5 reload am reloading 1 card loaded with $2,500 = $280

  • 1 card loaded with $5,000 = $400 rite need cash and more cash rich

  • Just ordered and emailed.

  • Hi @thequeenofcards Please just confirm if you still sell prepaid cards. I want to place an order now. Thanks

  • can you handle bulk purchases of moneygram and western union of $200 at least 10 orders daily? purchase must be delivered same day or at most 24 hours from time of purchase

  • want to order $35 cards in bulk to Canada is this possible?

  • are these cards tied to someone elses account? or it can be used to buy in stores? im asking because in my country, you must sign and provide your ID number when you use a debit or credit card in stores. o for me would be better to use only in ATMS?

  • I need one prepaid card. Do you ship in all UE country? Do i have to hide my real address? I read FAQ but i m a little worried about that

  • I can use that card in my own establishment?

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