Paypal Transfer! BIG DEAL!!!



  • torj7 - any update

  • just check my balance online see where cash transfer to my account thanks to the queenofcards

  • already cash-out $4400 already just order $1500 of bitcoin to buy some more

  • How long did it take for you to get the transfer after you paid?

  • got my cash in my account excellent service queen

  • getting ready to place my order just waiting on this thread to open

  • ^please reply to the above one?

  • just order some bitcoin from waiting on it to place my first order

  • @ilikemilf Being concerned is one thing but sounds to me that you are paranoid. We do not raise any flags in our business! We know what we are doing and are very successful because we are masters. I can send any personal PP account up to $9,999 without paypal limiting, nor reversing transfer. For a business account I can send up to $29,999 without paypal even caring about anything. If I send more than that they will ask for business verification such as tax id and other things of the sort. Get our cashout manual and it will go into further details for you.

  • another smooth transaction for me got $3500 in my account today this shit is great

  • just transfer $5000 in my pay-pal account

  • Hi, @AnonyMiss @thequeenofcards, really Im interesting to buy one account because a friend recommended me this site, are these still available?

  • get it! its worth it bro

  • I dont remember exactly but less than 1 hour for sure

  • order my first piece of studio equipment from this am loving it

  • I placed my first order can I be upgraded to customer?

  • withdraw about $400 from the ATM today going for a WU transfer on happy Thursday deal

  • Just placed my first order... will feedback once get the transfer

  • I sure will

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