Loaded Paypal Accounts FORSALE! $$$$$$$$$$$


While going over Inventory I thought to myself, what are we doing with so many Paypal Accounts that we're not using? NOTHING! The team and I have now decided to SELL, SELL, SELL!!!!

Once you buy Paypal Account from me I will provide you with a Cashout manual.
There is no Risk, I will not explain how to cashout until you are my customer.
You will have no problem to get the money; afterall, we are smarter than Paypal

Price List: Only 10% of the account balance. Deals on larger accounts

$2,000 - $200
$5,000 - $500
$10,000 - $700
$15,000 - $850
$20,000 - $1,200
$30,000 - $2,000


Please read our FAQ before contacting me....
Frequently Asked Questions

CONTACT: (24 hours, 7 days a week)
You may contact us about your inquires. We'll be in touch at our earliest convenience.

Email: crdgalaxy@protonmail.com
Jabber: ccgalaxy@creep.im



  • Back to the game after more than 10 years heh, cool things here keep it up , i will check da site and order soon

  • hey queen you made my day today lost alot of money in the deep web and you were my only chance you deliver thanks soo much

  • really help me out a lot on my rent was 2month short on rent can,t stop thanking you queen you are a savoir

  • Login in my account and saw that money was added that was really fast

  • Am from Australia would the paypal account work in that country please let me know thank you!

  • with this loaded pay-pal account was able to pay my bills and send my children to school thanks so much queen will spread the words across

  • I send you a mail back with different questions.

  • got my pay-pal account with a $20,000 balance i can finally get out of my rent house soon thanks to the queen of cards

  • i send you a email

  • just check my paypal account it was $200 now i have over $5000

  • got my reload today getting another for the Thursday deal tomorrow ordering a 10,000 package looking to get 20,000

  • ha load about $7000 in my account planning on buying myself a car from this

  • Can I make purchases with these accounts through the PayPall API?

  • order completed satisfy costumer here

  • A great site a great testimony... Cant wait for my first payment

  • checking my new balance now

  • went in the store today and use it order some dog food all went fine

  • Will def do some business with you.

  • @thequeenofcards do you have the smaler price?

  • is this still active? Im new here and want to try your services

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