Loaded Paypal Accounts FORSALE! $$$$$$$$$$$



  • Hey Man, I def need a 2k PP Account .

  • just went in the store and use my pay-pal card order stuff

  • checking my new account balance $5000 spendable am off for shopping in a few after i take a shower

  • place my first order online from this all good smooth

  • Im about to buy for the first time. Will post my feedback here when done

  • accept ICQ my name Matias seafight

  • this is blowing my mind, can a person finance their entire lives with these methods? this like the game genie for life....

  • Hey Queen, I def need a 15k PP Account asap... Can you do this now?

  • theres no way to know if this is a scam or not, i wanna purchase but im terrified ill lose my money lol

  • Bought a balance of $10,000 K from you am able to pull $4000 from the card and then can,t withdraw anymore what must I do

  • holy moly bought an account for $20,000 and got it in 45min time am calling my friends now to join this site most reliable in the deep web the queenofcards rules

  • Finished ordering 2 cards now waiting for it in the mail! First time user! Super excited

  • want to reload this time am going for $9000 along with the cashout manual

  • went online few min ago to check my new balance before i had $600 now $6700 how happy can i get

  • got my loaded paypal today going for the western union tomorrow

  • receive my reload in less than 20min fast and reliable

  • arrived, Balance: 2542 USD and it should have been $2000. Thanks!

  • oops i just emailed you for the guide but I havent made my purchase yet I am sorry I just read your descreption. I am a customer for your ccs tho? does that count! I am interested in using all your mehoods

  • you are right queen $500 is the limit for sure i try to pull more than that amount and got rejected

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