Happy Thursdays! BIG DEAL!!!

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Each & every Thursday TQC will double your order!

No kidding!!!!! Order 1 CC & we'll send you 2!
Hold on, the offer doesn't end there! Order $1,500 WU/MG & we'll send you $3,000!!!!!!!!!
Ok, so now you get the picture Don't miss out on this great opportunity, offer ends midnight.

Nothing changes, just place your order as normal at http://galaxyaonv32reim.onion/payment and we'll do the rest!


Please read our FAQ before contacting me....
Frequently Asked Questions

CONTACT: (24 hours, 7 days a week)
You may contact us about your inquires. We'll be in touch at our earliest convenience.

Email: crdgalaxy@protonmail.com
Jabber: ccgalaxy@creep.im



  • Is the Thursday deal now active ?

  • Ordered $1500 WU transfer

  • anonymiss thanks for the ongoing support on torchat I notice you are not online so Ill continue here. I did go to Western Union in my city but it is closed early due to the holiday today. I got tip from a friend to go to another one across town. They are open for the next 3 hours. My friend and I will be on our way there now. As soon as I pickup the money I will let you know. Thanks again

  • Will this deal be available this coming thursday? (the 27th)

  • thequeenofcards does this double cards still too?

  • All the way up def ordering today

  • Our Thursday deal is now active! double cashout with us today at

  • Are you live still?

  • New customer. Guess today is my lucky day Thank You @thequeenofcards

  • fubartaffy up to 30 days but in some cases up to 2 weeks. We guarantee the card be good up to 2 weeks.

  • Just placed my order for Prepaid cards. I cant wait to get them! Thank you Queen!

  • Our happy Thursday deal is now active!!!!!!! order Spend $200 for a $1,500 cashout. On HAPPY THURSDAY DEAL you will get $3,000 Take big advantage of this opportunity today only. Place your order at

  • thequeenofcards hi there, just wanted to know if i make an order today, will this offer still apply. THKS

  • our Thursday deal double cash-out special is now active!!!!!!!! double your money with each purchase made at

  • Picked up WU successful FEEDBACK for 10% discount @anonymiss

  • Just order for the first time hope it works

  • Thanks for this deal Works out great for me. @sngel520 how did you post here if you cant post anything? nobrainer lol

  • Hello new customer here. Do you have any pre-paid cards in stock?

  • Another successful Thursday Deals. Ill bring more sales/deals to the forum soon. Thanks for your patience.

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