Happy Thursdays! BIG DEAL!!!



  • Gonna order after work!

  • special applies for debit cards, prepaid CC, stolen CC, and paypal CC? all of these?

  • I dont want to waste anybody time, I want to buy but lam a new customer and I have to be careful I got a message saying your scamming but like you said it can be a competitor I dont know.

  • hello, totally new customer here

  • want to say my amazon codes work perfect for me just order from these codes no delay or issues

  • All good, working!!!!

  • where fastest way to buy bitcoin?

  • Today is the day alot of my customers have been waiting for! Yes it is HAPPY THURSDAY and we will double all cashout. For those who dont fully understand let me give you example ok: Spend $200 for a $1,500 cashout. On HAPPY THURSDAY DEAL you will get $3,000 because we double your cashout this day. Take big advantage of this opportunity today only. Place your order at

  • smackdown1993 you as a repeat customer should know the answer to that question! NO

  • Feels great to see this back here again @thequeenofcards definitely taking advantage now. Tnx

  • How long is the processing time?

  • Tomorrow, i will place an order.

  • is this offer also availible for paypal?

  • have my bitcoin ready to order to get this double really need this extra cash

  • all my family have been sitting and waiting for this moment ready to order now

  • is happy thursday deal for today still going on? im interested in bank transfer

  • cant wait to try the next happy thursday deal...wow

  • take the advantage and place your order now double cashout happening now!!!!!!!

  • i want buy one card, how can i pay you?

  • Is anyone on? Ive placed an order and sent privnote. Not rushing or anything, just making sure i did everything right @thequeenofcards

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