Paypal Debit Cards Shipped to You!!!


Long live the Queen of Cards!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a big opportunity for you! I am selling PayPal debit cards. If you are not a Noob, then you know that Paypal debit card has a master card logo on it

The Paypal debit card is linked to Paypal Account of 3k - 5k balance.
You may draw $400 from ATM per day and you may shop in stores with this card... If you use it online to shop it will raise red flags with Paypal!

Do yourself a big favor and get ready to go shopping! Card will be in your mailbox in 3-4 days.

1 Card = $200
2 Cards = $300
5 Cards = $650
10 Cards = $1000


CONTACT: (24 hours, 7 days a week)
You may contact us about your inquires. We'll be in touch at our earliest convenience.




  • my shipment of (10) just arrived in the UK i love the queen express service

  • Cool, Ill shoot you an email in a moment

  • im also wondering if i will get shipping details. thanks! really hoping this works

  • just login my account and saw my new balance sweet

  • FINALLY got this in the mail yesterday thanks QUEEN

  • just left the ATM 20min ago cash-out $3500 in cash with about (6) cards just feeling a party moment now

  • need some of these cards in bulk to purchase

  • @thequeenofcards email sent on mail2tor

  • want to order this are you able to ship to the u.k what,s the price for one?

  • thanks queen just saw my new balance online really appreciate this

  • lol queen my package was nicely packed you are great

  • do you ship to the U.K if so want to order now

  • will not let me place order just keeps trying to load/buffer, ugh!!

  • any problem to ship to france?

  • just did my first order online from my card most trusted website i ever came across

  • Well Ill be damn! I am down to card #3 NOW

  • Thanks

  • obviously, but I have now been over the site to get a feel for you all and I just really like how you project yourselves and the way things are run. I can appreciate a solid operation when I see one.

  • want to place my order few hours from now to double cash-out

  • hey Anonymiss do you ship to India ? if yes what is the cost

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