Paypal Debit Cards Shipped to You!!!



  • How do i order paypal card?

  • Hallo! New here... I m gonna make my first order in a couple of days. Im hoping for the best!

  • got my cards today must say will give this 100% all was good for me even do some online shoping on ebay

  • 2-What is the term that is transfer money to the account

  • my package just hit my door step feeling excited just about now

  • Thanks for the help.

  • Hello Queen of Cards

  • have a question can these cards be used online and in store if so will be placing my order soon

  • do you ship to Brazil ?

  • just order about 10 Cards = $1000

  • Im new to this. Learning as i go. I was skeptical at first but after reading everything Im confident the queen of cards will come through. Ordered mine yesterday ! Cant wait !

  • just receive my package by fedex thanks that was very fast

  • What are some peoples experiences with the cards?

  • just a wild guess..... 6k per day!

  • Thank you to confirm the sending of the prepaid card that I just bought

  • For the US CC (With Pin), can I withdraw money out from he ATM and do you send the pin number as well? And are these non-stolen cards? Im considering on buying some. Quite excited.

  • wow wonderful got a chance to use my card today at wal-mart perfect item bought

  • Hi, what would you say was the safest type of card to buy? CC/PayPal/Prepaid? If possible I dont want to have to worry about hiding my face when I go to the ATM. Are the pre-paid cards safe to use, i.e. they will not show up as stolen?

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