Amazon Gift Card Code (digital e-mail delivery)

All gift cards/codes are purchased using CCG secure techniques through long standing Amazon Prime accounts. No gift codes are ever brokered or purchased through a 3rd party. I guarantee the funds remain in your account and all purchases will be valid.

3 x $500 Gift Card Codes = $150
7 x $500 Gift Card Codes = $300
10 x $500 Gift Card Codes = $375
15 x $500 Gift Card Codes = $500
20 x $500 Gift Card Codes = $650


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  • Confirmed.

  • Are these still for sale?

  • Dear Buyers , if you have received for order , send me the proof please

  • very good, iphone is on the way!!!! how many gift cards do you have left in stock? I can buy 5-10 every day if this continues to work.

  • these codes arrive in my email super fast going online in a few

  • Sorry Admin ,

  • money can be made from this buy codes in bulk and re sell them

  • just place my order just waiting for my confirmation

  • edited November 2017


  • I want to buy them, but I have two questions, 1) its safe buy in amazon and send the item to my house?

  • i am dancing up a storm / good investment

  • Sent

  • I ordered 3x500 last night and waiting anxiously

  • purchase an XBOX 360 today from my amazon gift cards code will be purchasing more tomorrow thanks a lot queen great jobbbb

  • bought codes and sell them back for good money queen allow me to start my own business

  • my god these codes actually work in Australia sweet sweet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • getting my bitcoin ready to order some of these codes in bulk

  • 7 x $500 Gift Card Codes = $300

  • edited November 2017

    Paid, let me know

  • $1000 worth of codes will help me alot have my son birthday coming up would love to get him some lovely gifts

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