Amazon Gift Card Code (digital e-mail delivery)



  • Hello. Please confirm my payment and how long does it take the codes to arrive, please. Thank you

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    Two worked one was dead, @thequeenofcards replaced it. thanks will come again when I sell the merchandise and buy more.

  • back for more codes they work just as i want them to

  • these code are active made purchase on amazon with them no delay or issues

  • Sent payment and email, please confirm.

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    made new order please if possible send extra for black friday thankss

  • just complete my first order online from these codes

  • Hi, I want to know how long does it take to get the codes.

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    Queen please confirm my order :) !! Gift card codes received, tested one it works. Going to use the other two on other account.

  • hi, would like to order. could you please send me details?

  • just bought a headphone from these codes today getting ready to buy some more bitcoin to order more soon

  • have you got very cheap cards? like 1$ -> 20gift lol or something

  • just got my codes these work perfect on amazon

  • can these codes work in Africa?

  • are you guys serious? going to try my luck and order 7 x $500 Gift Card Codes = $300

  • have a friend that try this he told me it work for him so i want to make a order

  • just order 15 x $500 Gift Card Codes = $500

  • these codes really work for me online

  • ill start buy soon xD

  • am placing my order now for these code need to order some stuff for my kids online this will help me alot

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