Western Union in 15 Minutes, Bank Transfers in 2 Hours

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I am very experienced female Carder for 7 years! I offer my service only on TQC

I've got 3 western union main computers data with the help of a strong Botnet, Now i can change the info of a WU mtcn and can redirect any payment on any name. Simply I change the receiver name and country and payment goes to that person to whom i want to send. ///// Do not waste my time ///////// Serious customer that need money only ///////

Info needed for WU transfers :-

1: Full name
2: Cell number (Not Necessary)
3: City
4: Country
5: Valid email for sending you MTCN info etc

MTCN Will be ready for pick up in maximum 30 MINUTES after payment
Please Don't ask me for any test transfer.......... I am Verified Seller on TQC

Price List For WU Transfer:
$1500 Transfer = $200
$2500 Transfer = $300
$4000 Transfer = $400
$5000 Transfer = $550
$8000 Transfer = $800


Info needed for Bank transfers :-

1: Bank name
2: Bank address
3: Zip code
4: Account Holder
5: Account number
6: Account Type
7: Routing number
8: Swift number
9: BIC and IBAN
Bank transfer will take maximum 2 hours to show money in your bank account.

Price List For Bank Transfer:
$2000 transfer = $200 Charges (Payment BTC)
$3500 Transfer = $350 Charges
$8000 Transfer = $600 Charges
$12000 Transfer = $1000
$20000 Transfer = $1500

WE GIVE BEST DEALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CONTACT US: crdgalaxy@protonmail.com


Please read our FAQ before contacting me....
Frequently Asked Questions

CONTACT: (24 hours, 7 days a week)
You may contact us about your inquires. We'll be in touch at our earliest convenience.

Email: crdgalaxy@protonmail.com
Jabber: ccgalaxy@creep.im



  • manage to pull this off today $3500 transfer into my bank account help me alot getting some more coins for Thursday happy deal

  • how do i contact you for my western union transfer to Ghana?

  • will make my first order tomorrow to get my Thursday happy deal special for WU transfer for $4000

  • this is the best site in the deep web for me made over $7000 today from a bank transfer and WU getting some more bits now for happy Thursday deal just getting ready to double up

  • wow am in canada went to the western union today and pick up my first transaction will be doing more of this

  • want to do a bank transfer where i go to place my order?

  • do you send the country of origin and name of the drop or just the MTCN.

  • yes you can do that transaction if you are picking up more than (2)times for the week you can use different person to pickup you don,t want to raise any red flag i sent you my ICQ add me we talk from their

  • Help I sent bitcoin and need to know what to do

  • i feel there better deals here than order on the deep web queenofcards have delivered what they have promise to me thanks alot

  • Hello Queen,

  • bought a papal account today and it was successful will be trying your western union in the morning thanks a lot

  • Hey Miss, I need a wU transfer for 2k asap. Can you help me what that?

  • how can i get in contact directly with one of you? i would wanna buy bulk

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    Let me know the MTCN in my mail


  • HEllo are you available to make an order?

  • I would like to do the WU transfer. do i need the cashout manual right now? or can i get it later?

  • @AnonyMiss How can i order?

  • Wish me luck guys. Im about to make my first one.

  • manage to get $4000 today at my western branch in town queen really pull this one off today

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