Western Union in 15 Minutes, Bank Transfers in 2 Hours



  • im looking forward to do busniss with you, im new to this i will buy bitcoins anytime soon. i did so many different shit in my life now its time to try this out. Do i have too give you a real full name or can i just write something down, i mean is a MCTN code enough to go a get the money from western union ? or do they ask for a ID or passport to make sure the name is correct? Im sorry for my english Love from Holland

  • heii queen i didnt get any email from you after my purchase on last friday. why??? i need the money right now!

  • did my first bank transfer today a friend tell me about this site that they are very reliable ):

  • Hello. Are you still in business ?

  • Hi Queen I am on tor chat trying to contact you..But you are not there

  • Just ordered 1500$ WU transfer , ill be back and give a full feedback !

  • Check your email plz Queen of Cards

  • just pick up my transaction this morning feeling great

  • receive my western union transfer 1hr ago

  • Ordered a WU transfer, will leave feedback soon

  • double cash-out for two transaction today the queen is my baby

  • Can i place a order

  • Because I would like to become more knowledgeable about the process of doing my first WU transaction I would like to supplement my income in a passive way, while also using my technical skills.

  • today is a very good day for me at western union got through with my transaction

  • hi should i send you information to your own mailbox or just complet details on /payement page?

    1. bank transfer, how much is the rates?
  • hello. i would like to make an order now. please tell me how do i start. this is my 1st.

  • If what you guys are doing isnt a fairy tale (Judging from the comments, it isnt) You should be known as real modern day heroes. I mean I know a lot of people are just using these services to buy junk but there are a lot of people who are starving even in 1st world countries & would use these services to feed themselves or their families.

  • hi, sorry if i sound stupid, new to this. how do i get bitcoins, im in the uk.

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