Money Gram Transfer

I am now offering Money Gram transfers... My services are always top quality as you can see here on TQC. Ionly charge a small fee compared to what you are able to make. There's no need to be nervous; I have been carding since age 16 and that's years ago .

My passion is that, I have access to the money and it is rich people who we are taking it from. I am the Female Robin Hood .

URGENT: It is harder for us to Card Money Gram than Western Union but we have a 95% Success rate. We are good at what we do, so we must charge good fee...

Now... Enough chatter...

Price List For MG Transfer:
$1500 Transfer = $200 /////
$2500 Transfer = $300 /////
$4000 Transfer = $400 /////
$7000 Transfer = $550 /////
$9500 Transfer = $800 /////



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