Money Gram Transfer



  • Thanks for lowering the prices. I really wanted MG instead of WU but the WU went great anyways. Now I will get MG tomorrow since today is Sunday

  • In case you experience difficulties using our auto payment website in Tor Browser you may try refreshing the page, if that doesnt work please use another browser such as: Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer

  • Waiting for mg will post later happy feets haha

  • In regards to the help section it states that those who purchase from TQOC will be upgraded, yet some profiles even though they state they have purchased they have not been. Does one have to purchase a certain amount before being upgraded? Also the site logs visitations but one profile even those they were saying they were a regular customer their visitations counter was zero is that a security feature?

  • I ordered this today since Western Union is closed in my country. After I pay on queenfastpay and send my info I got an email back within 12 minutes with control code and sender information. I picked up without a issue. Teller asked me my occupation and I tell her I am painter and that is it Sweet

  • got this the sale still going on?

  • want to order 3 transfer in a bit just waiting for my room mate to come back

  • thanks queen got my MTCN codes because of my time zone money gram is close so will pick up in the morning

  • thanks queen receive your email with my MTCN

  • just place my second order this is reliable


  • my money gram transfer was success today will be ordering more very soon

  • just got my sender,s details i will pick up in the morning thanks queen

  • hello Queen! Im newbie here but I want to become your customer. Im considering buy MG transfer on a regular basis. I read the FAQ very carefully but I didnt saw the answer of my question. In my country (Bulgaria) in order to receive money via MG they will ask who is the sender (names) otherwise they wont let me to take the money. I already know after payment you will give me a payment code MTCN but I want to know if you provide the sender names? Excuse me if I ask a question which is already answered. I`m looking forward for your answer.

  • can you send MG to Canada? how long before i receive transfer after order?

  • i have sent my payment and note, still waiting for confirmation

  • Hello there i want to ask you too.

  • receive my reference number just now going on the website to track my transaction

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