Paypal Debit Cards Shipped to You!!!



  • I must confess I doubted you but you delivered. I just got package in the mail. Im gearing up to go on a shopping spree

  • just place my order for ten cards

  • quick question queen am from Denmark will this card work their?

  • need a 1 card with express shipping to venezuela, what its prize?

  • queen thanks for the pin heading to the ATM in just a few

  • if i order now how long before i receive my shipment? am in Mexico

  • Do you have Paypal Cashout?

  • May be a silly question but with these cards do i have to be careful with ATMs like covering my face etc when using them like a stolen card? or are these more legitimate? Looking to order very soon.

  • this week I cashout over $6000 from this queen you rock

  • how long it will take to ship to France?

  • Trying TQC for the first time today, just placed my first order, am a little excited....

  • hey everyone just wanna say my card work online and in stores

  • Hi do these paypal cards work in spain?

  • was at the ATM late last-night cashing out had a-lot of good result

  • make over $9000 from this pay-pal debit card going on vacation next week thanks to the queenofcards

  • today is a very blessed day for me opening my package now sweet

  • was thinking of 20 just fall short on bitcoin

  • just receive my tracking for my package heading to the shower now

  • will place my order now

  • am back to order some more cards all my cash has finish from my last order this time am ordering (10)cards

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