Happy Thursdays! BIG DEAL!!!



  • Today is Happy Thursday! GET DOUBLE WHAT YOU PAID FOR!

  • i got my MTCN will pickup in the morning

  • am set and ready to place my first order loving this

  • anonymiss & @thequeenofcards count me in ladies. it is a very happy new year for me and my family. i successfully picked up western union transfer just in time last night and was so happy i took my family and friends out to celebrate and watch fireworks. sorry i didnt comment sooner but a bunch of my buddies recently joined the forum and would appreciate alot if you could approve them. thanks for the green light ladies

  • A friend introduced me to TQOC forum and I had some doubts but after picking up WU transfer using sender information and mtcn that anonymiss sent me all doubts are deaddddddddddddd thanks @anonymiss & @thequeenofcards for this double cashout

  • thequeenofcards is mailing only option for delivery... i ask because i can print up my own .... do you have instant delivery option?

  • seem like a trusted site

  • Does this still work each and every Thursday? and does this sale cover all products including pre-paid debit cards? I look forward to becoming a happy customer very soon!

  • Just order for the first time hope it works

  • Today is another Happy Thursday! Place your order now & get double the cashout!

  • good carder bought some amazon codes tested them online perfect smooth

  • Yes @rk3lly and yes it covers all our services

  • @angrysquirlz Two cards, tracking has been sent to your order e-mail.

  • mastertko Happy Thursday deal is available even today due to the high orders and requests. You are free to take advantage of our services. Thanks

  • This will be available on Thursday

  • Hi there QOC, Im new here, and a serious in buying cards,question I have is..how long do you generally have to withdraw the cash from the atm machines before the card is blocked or swallowed by the machine? look forward to answers, cheers

  • Is Happy Thursday deal active ? i am new here and very interrested in dealing with you

  • how long does it take to recieve the amazon gift card?

  • sweet how real can this get like to order WU for $4000 i will let my brother pick up the double

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